Other Works

The other books I’ve written. No one will find this page interesting but me… probably.

Amnesia, Books 1 & 2

Amnesia Books SmallThe story of Dahlia and the mysterious town of Eden. Definitely the series that I spent the most time writing. The First Book presents the mystery from three different points of view. The second pulls back the curtain and reveals all the secrets from the perspective of the people pulling the strings. Each character brings the story closer to the finish, and Dahlia–with her memories restored–finishes the tale.

From L.A. With Love

From LA With Love Cover Small

I wrote this one when I was much younger. It’s been called “quite possibly the greatest Russian-American Action Thriller Romantic Comedy of all time.” (That’s a nod to Wasabi there.) I wrote it in the vein of the over-the-top Hollywood heist/farce films. (Ocean’s, The Italian Job, Knight and Day, etc.) Dumb, but fun and cool at the same time.

Brine’s Gate

Brine's Gate Cover (small)Not mine exactly. But Holly doesn’t really maintain her site anymore, so she asked me to post this one here. I did do the cover art, which I meant to be a tribute/throwback to some of the classic Scholastic covers I loved growing up. (Animorphs, anyone?)

Kosmos Ora

Was my first book, a time-travelling adventure about an eccentric family of modern-day ninjas with a crazy uncle who had to go back in time to reset the “World Clock” or time would stop forever.


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