Kimberly Konquers the World (Book 1)

KKTWHow would you describe Franklin Stine? “Devoted underachiever.” “Too bland to pick out of a police line-up.” “Vanilla paste mixed with white rice and a side of chalk.” Or maybe just one word: boring. As in “the most boring boy in the entire world.” (They had an awards ceremony; he took home a lazy little trophy.) All Franklin wants is to sleep through high school, and his depressingly average life, without too much fuss.

But then she happened. Kimberly King. If you were brave enough to describe her, you might say: “natural leader,” “badass with a baseball bat,” “six star general,” or even, “purple hair.” She’s recruiting any and all students with magical power to join her Konquest Klub. Her ultimate goal: world domination, and they can either join her, or wind up as one of the many “Slop Boys” under her future regime.

That’s not an idea most people can take seriously—Franklin included. He doesn’t want to get caught in a time loop. He doesn’t want to kidnap animals from the zoo. He doesn’t want to have anything to do with magic, genies or caramel lattes. And he really wishes that Kimberly would stop using the Boy’s Restroom for her secret meetings.

What no one realizes is that underneath Kimberly’s bravado and confidence lies a dark secret—and when it comes out, Franklin is the only friend that Kimberly has left. Will one deeply uninteresting boy and one crazy-ambitious girl be enough to face punk-rock magicians, zoo security, and a timeline stuck on reload?

Will Kimberly really be able to conquer the world before she graduates?


KIMBERLY KONQUERS THE WORLD is made from 100% organic industrial byproducts, is all-naturally flavored and prepared by hand, fresh everyday, from frozen prepackaged units. Always gluten free. (If you want gluten, you’re going to have to pay extra.)

WARNING: manufactured on equipment that also processes tree nuts and children.

Read the Amazingly Kimberly preview right here:


And get the full fabulous, fantastic origin story right here:Find Kimberly at Amazon


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