Kimberly Konquers, Book 2

Kimberly Konquers 2: The Journey Kontinues — The Kuickening — With a Vengeance. (Okay, so that last one doesn’t work…)

CRK3yMWVAAAjDYY.jpg large

Kimberly’s second adventure began as a Halloween short. I’d intended to release it as that, but then it started to grow and grow…

When it reached over twenty thousand words, I knew that I had more than a short on my hands — I had Kimberly’s next book.

I had posted Kimberly’s Halloween story on — I mean, Wattpad, but because of the underwhelming response I received, I decided to move it here.

You’ll be able to read what I’ve written so far, at least until it’s finished. Then I’ll leave a preview here, and put the rest on Amazon — where no one will buy it. (Seriously, it’s cheaper than a single, unsatisfying, racist-as-hell Starbucks.

YOU: I don’t drink Starbucks; I’m a vegan.

ME: Well, those vegan “cookies” cost 7.99 a box, and you know who makes them? Terrorists.

YOU: I had no idea.

ME: It’s true. Our goverment pays terrorists to use Chinese child-slaves to make vegan food products that rob your body of vitamin D — that’s the only way the reptilian skin-changers can digest you.

YOU: Ha! That’s good! Is that in your book? I’m gonna buy it.

ME: Uh, no…

YOU: Oh. *nervously moves away*)

**   **   **

Kimberly Konquers the School

(working title)

**   **   **

ACT I: Franklin the Pumpkin Hunter, a New Reality Series

ACT II: You’re Not Losing a Pumpkin — You’re gaining an Enemy

ACT III: Seasonal Affective Disorder — or, Franklin Prevents a Race War

ACT IV: Just Like Everyone Else…

ACT V: Nightmare on… Which Street Again?

ACT VI: Franklin Crashes the Party

ACT VII: Willy Wonka’s chocolate house of horrors

**   **   **


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